When we refer to an LLC address, it could indicate two things – the physical address of the LLC office and its principal place of business. Like a corporation or any other business entity, an LLC is entitled to have more than one address within the state’s legal restrictions where it is doing business.

Primary Address Of The LLC

Articles of organization of an LLC must include the principal or primary address of the LLC, but there are exceptions from state to state. For example, the state of Texas does not require LLC owners to include the principal address of the business, and it only needs to have the address of the registered agent in articles of organization. 

The business address includes in its articles of organization could be a physical address or a mailbox. However, it is essential to note here that the mailbox address provided in the articles of the organization should be the one that allows notices and packages delivery. It is why some states do not allow a PO box address to be listed as the principal address of an LLC.

Secondary Address Options For An LLC

Secondary Address Options For An Llc


The option to include more than one address for an LLC depends on many factors, including, if: 


Generally, states don’t require you to put up a physical address as a secondary address, and they aren’t needed to be in the same state where the LLC is registered. Furthermore, you can use one address for multiple LLCs under your name. 

Using Your Home Address For LLC

Using your home address for your LLC is often the most convenient solution to the address problem. However, some people may feel that this compromises their privacy, but this problem can be solved by appointing a third-party registered agent for your LLC in many states. 

Some of the highlighted conveniences that a home address offers you are: 

Address Of Your Registered Agent

Almost all the states require you to include a registered agent in the articles of organization. A registered agent is responsible for receiving all the documents and emails for your business and can also reply to them in your lieu. 

When you include a registered agent in your articles of organization, you are legally required to fill out all the essential information of your registered agent, including the address. Since the primary responsibility of the registered agent involves dealing with all your mails, the address of your registered agent is the most critical piece of information.


People who do not want to risk using their home or office address can use a third-party registered agent's address for all the documentation with IRS and other relevant authorities. However, the address of your registered agent must be within the state where your LLC is registered.

For LLCs that do not maintain the correct address of their registered agents within the state, the secretary of state office is entitled to terminate their registration. Some states go as far as requiring the physical street address for a registered agent instead of a mailbox number. It is essential to understand that unless your registered agent is accessible to IRS and the government for all your emails, your LLC can't practically operate.

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How To Change Your Business Address?

If you plan to move your LLC somewhere else, you will need to update it accordingly with the IRS and secretary of the state office. Similarly, if the address of your registered agent has changed, all the relevant authorities should be updated accordingly. 

It starts from updating the address on your articles of organization and then updating your state via mail. Generally, the address update mail is to be sent to the secretary of state office, but other authorities control the business filings in certain states. 

Furthermore, if you’re planning to move from one state to another, you will need to submit the certificates from your parent state to your new state that authorizes your LLC, along with submitting the address change. Every state has a specific fee for filing this update, and it is generally in between the figure of $15 to $30. 

Why Should You Prefer A Physical Address For Your LLC?

For an LLC, it is always suggested to have a physical address instead of using a mailbox number or virtual address for various reasons. Here, we shall take a look at some of the significant differences that a physical address can make for your LLC:

General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we shall look into some of the frequently asked questions about LLC addresses and provide you with their answers:

Yes, the laws in the United States do allow you to change your LLC address from one state to another without much fuss. All you would need to do is provide the relevant authority in your new state with all the address changes in your articles of organization and the authorization certificates from your previous state.

Every state has different charges for changing the address for your LLC. However, it is not an expensive activity, and on average, it could cost you somewhere between fifteen to thirty dollars.

It all depends upon the state where you want to register your LLC. While most states allow you to use a mailbox number or an address of a third-party registered agent, some states do require you to provide a physical address of your LLC, and you can’t register your LLC unless you provide it.