LLC Board of Directors | Governance Explained

You’re probably wondering what constitutes an LLC board of directors? Who are they? What are their rights and responsibilities? Unlike corporations, LLCs are not required by law to have a board of directors, but they can have a board of advisors. A board of advisors works similarly and considering their advantages, and an LLC should […]

Types of LLC Officers | Titles & Positions

While laws across the United States do not require LLCs to have officers, the flexible structure of LLCs allows them to have officers to manage their daily operations. In this guide, we will look into the kind of officers that an LLC can employ and their duties and rights. INTRODUCTION TO LLC OFFICERS The members […]

PLLC vs LLC | Comparison of Differences

While every PLLC is an LLC, not every LLC is a PLLC. In this guide I explain the differences and similarities between a PLLC and an LLC and which structure will suit you better. While anyone can register their LLC, not everyone can form a PLLC, and it is only limited to professionals. The word […]

Selling An LLC | How To Sell Your Business

Selling your LLC might sound like an easy process, but there could be some severe consequences if you are not careful. This guide covers the complete process of selling your LLC and lists the steps you need to follow in order to successfully sell your LLC. Upon the inception of an LLC, members of an […]

Best Time of Year to Form an LLC

Have you been thinking of launching a new business? Then you must read this guide to select the best time of year to form an LLC. What Is an LLC (Limited Liability Company)? Almost all the states in the USA allow a business structure called the limited liability company (LLC). The idea of an LLC […]

Do LLCs Get 1099? Fully Explained!

Discover the answer to the common question that tax and accounting professionals receive all the time. Should you receive 1099 if you are an LLC? What Exactly Is The 1099 Form? 1099 is a primary information filing form that reports all the non-salary income to the IRS for federal taxation. While there are 20 different […]

Freelance LLC | Do I Need An LLC As A Freelancer?

Whether you are providing rides, delivering meals, gigging as a freelance writer, or working on a side hustle, there are laws to consider when you’re operating a small business on a freelance basis. This guide takes a look at freelance work and offers insight on why taking your freelance business under the wings of an […]

LLC Membership Certificates | The Ultimate Guide

While LLCs don’t issue “stock,” they use a similar document, called a membership certificate. Learn everything you need to know about LLC Membership Certificates. What is an LLC Membership Certificate? Just like the stock shares in corporations, certificates are issued to LLC members that specify their claim in the LLC. The membership certificate of an […]

Piercing the Corporate Veil – Rules, Court Consideration, and Cases

Read on to learn the rules about piercing the corporate veil. Learn about other ways you can become personally liable for corporate debt. What Does Piercing the Corporate Veil Mean? The term ‘corporate veil’, or corporate shield, is used to describe the segregation of businesses from their owners. It is primarily designed for liability purposes, […]

What is a Statutory Agent? LLC Registered Agent

Most states require you to have an LLC registered agent. Find out what statutory agent is and why every small business should have one! Statutory Agent Definition A statutory agent is a business entity or an individual that accepts all your legal and documents on behalf of your LLC. A statutory agent is also known […]