How to Check LLC Name Availability

While registering your LLC may seem like an easy task at first sight, and it is so if done right, but various legal complications need to be checked. One of these complications is naming your LLC, and you can’t name your LLC the way you want. You have to first come up with a name […]

Anonymous LLC for Complete Privacy

An anonymous LLC is a structure of LLCs where the owners/members of the LLC are not required to disclose their identity to the state where the LLC has been formed. However, not every state in the USA allows the formation of an anonymous LLC. The four states that will enable an anonymous LLC are Nevada, […]

Limited Liability Company vs Limited Liability Corporation

Here I’ll aim to give you a complete understanding of limited liability companies vs limited liability corporations so you can make a more informed decision on which option to take for your business. Understanding a Limited Liability Company (LLC) A limited liability company, also commonly known as an LLC, is a private company that combines […]