How to Start a Record Label LLC

If you own or operate a record label, forming an LLC offers you the best way out from all the legal and other complexities of your record label business. It provides you with much-needed asset protection on top of other multiple advantages. Why and how to start a record label LLC? The primary reason to […]

LLC Ownership | Changing Ownership, Type and Structure

Multiple members generally share the collective ownership if it is spelled out in the articles of organization of the LLC. All the owners of an LLC are also the members of an LLC; however, not all the members are necessarily the LLC owners. It is because laws allow LLCs to have members who look after […]

How to Transfer an LLC

This guide intends to provide a detailed set of information on all kinds of transfers happening involving an LLC, from the transfer of LLC ownership to the transfer of an LLC to another state, etc. Please read through the entire article to find the answers that you are looking for, and if you can’t find […]

What is a Domestic LLC?

Primarily, there are only two types of LLCs – a domestic LLC and a foreign LLC. They are very similar in many ways, but what differentiates them is where they were formed. This guide will help you to understand a domestic LLC and how it works. WHAT IS A DOMESTIC LLC? A domestic LLC is […]

Can a Holding Company be an LLC? | Detailed LLC Guide

A holding company is a business entity that owns shares of another company. Learn about the different types of holding companies here! What is a domestic LLC? A holding company can be defined as a company that doesn’t conduct business ventures, operations, or any other active tasks for itself. Instead, it is created only to […]

What is a Professional LLC? | Ultimate Guide

A professional L.L.C. is different from a traditional L.L.C. in multiple ways. This guide covers all the differences and similarities between a professional and a conventional L.L.C, from their other legal structures to operational differences. What is a professional L.L.C.? A professional L.L.C. is a limited liability company designed to facilitate professional services. Professional services […]

How Many LLCs Can You Have? | Multiple LLCs

This guide will discuss the number of LLCs that you can own and the possible problems of having multiple businesses. How many LLCs can you have? In the United States, there is no such limit as to how many LLCs you can own. You can register as many LLCs under your name as you want, […]