How to Find LLC Owners | Ownership of an LLC

Who Owns An LLC? Contributions And Ownership Of An LLC When you create an LLC and become its owner, you put money down to get it off the ground and run it. As an LLC owner, you’re referred to as a ‘member’. A member of an LLC is not its employee. Here’s how an LLC […]

Buying a House With an LLC | Detailed Guide

Buying a house under an LLC has its benefits and drawbacks. In this detailed guide, I will address all the technicalities involving purchasing a property with an LLC and some of the frequently asked questions under this context. Overview A limited liability company, with everything else, is also an entity with its income and assets. […]

Buying a Car Under an LLC | Extensive Guide

  Overview – Buying A Company Car For LLC Like other businesses, an LLC vehicle ownership is considered a legal entity. It means that an LLC can own vehicles just like the individuals. However, before an LLC can claim a vehicle’s ownership, it must be formed according to the rules and regulations of the LLC’s […]

How to Add a Business to an Existing LLC

Can I Add Another Business Under My LLC? While you can certainly add a new business to an LLC, it is not as simple as it can initially suggest. It is permissible and possible to operate multiple businesses under the umbrella of one LLC. Many business owners opt for a DBA (doing business as) for […]

How to Remove Members, Partners, Owners, and Organizers from an LLC

It is almost always the case for a multi-member limited liability company when there is a need to remove a member, a co-owner, or an organizer. Some of the common reasons for such removals are retirement, death, and disputes arising from the business. The removal procedure mainly depends upon the article of the organization or […]

How to Buy an LLC | Purchase an LLC the Right Way

While you can always register a new LLC for your business, one of the most ingenious approaches towards owning an LLC is buying an existing LLC. This, however, is not a simple process and requires due diligence, and this guide makes sure that you are aware of what you’re jumping into when you plan to […]

How do LLC Owners Get Paid | LLC Salary Structure

A limited liability company (LLC) can recruit as many employees as it wants and pay them a competitive wage, just like any other business. An LLC may also pay its owners (members) in some cases. Reasonable salaries are generally tax-deductible, but you must also keep up with employees tax deposit and reporting requirements. Salaries For […]

LLC For Rental Property | An Extensive Guide

Whether you are currently an owner of rental property or planning to purchase one, you may want to opt for owning it in an LLC. Even though it is not always a cut-and-dry decision, we have compiled a guide to discuss all the pros and cons that come with an LLC for rental property. What […]

DBA vs LLC | Differences Between Them

It is often the case that when you are running a business under the ‘doing business as’ category, or a sole proprietorship, you reach a limit where you need a proper structure for your business. Once your business has expanded wide, it is a brilliant idea to change it to an LLC over DBA or […]

What Is A Foreign Llc & How To Register It

Are you a business owner? Does your company conduct business in any other state than the state where you initially got registered? If yes, then I am bringing this exclusive guideline to help you understand foreign LLC, its registration procedure, and other essential details. Let’s start from the very basic. Before registering your foreign LLC, […]