What is a Disregarded Entity LLC? With Examples

A disregarded entity is a legal entity that is overlooked for federal and specific state income tax purposes. For a single-member limited liability company (LLCs) that does not elect to be taxed as a corporation, the IRS uses the disregarded entity designation. It also treats S corp subsidiaries (QSubs) as disregarded entities. Discussing A Disregarded […]

What Is A Series LLC? | An Extensive Guide

This guide has been designed to elaborate the concept of series LLC, discuss all the technical aspects associated with the idea of series LLC, and answer the frequently asked questions about series LLCs. What Is A Series LLC? A series LLC is a unique structure of limited liability companies where the articles of LLC formation […]

How An LLC Protects You?

Many business owners choose LLC’s as the primary formation for their companies to protect their assets. As LLC is an acronym of a Limited Liability Company, it limits business owners’ liability, but this protection is limited, as suggested by the name. Companies are always vulnerable under various circumstances, even when they are LLCs, but on […]